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12 Jul 2017 The decline of the humblebrag is over | 62% of Irish people actively sharing & celebrating successes on social media



Forget the humblebrag, almost two-thirds of Irish adults have embraced social media as a medium to showcase and celebrate achievements, life events, envy-inducing holidays, killer abs, new hairdos and bargain purchases. Noticing the increase in shoppers taking to social media to share their brag-worthy TK Maxx finds, the labels for less retailer commissioned research* with over 1000 Irish adults into their bragging styles and habits, revealing some unexpected insights:


•    62% of Irish people have bragged on social media, with 42% doing so in the last three months and 11% boasting online at least once a week.
•    When it comes to why we brag today, the majority of respondents (77%) see it as an opportunity to celebrate, express excitement or happiness, while less than a quarter (23%) brag online to earn social validation, through followers, likes and retweets.
•    Irish people are most likely to brag about holidays (49%) followed by pets or children (44%), and life events, such as a birthday or engagement (40%). 
•    In-vogue cocktails and cult culinary trends also made the cut with 33% boasting on social about food and drink, while 31% have gone online to tell the world about a bargain purchase.
•    Conor McGregor tops the list of the ultimate Irish braggers, according to the poll.
•    Females are more likely than males to brag online (70% of females vs 55% of males surveyed) and are more likely to brag about food (37% vs 28%), a shopping bargain (34% vs 29%), an outfit (24% vs 16%), and pets or children (51% vs 36%). 


Speaking on the research results, TV and Radio Broadcaster Baz Ashmawy commented, “I think it’s great to see a new confident generation of Irish emerging, proudly sharing and celebrating their successes. If you’ve invested in something or put in the hard yards towards an achievement, be it a holiday, a promotion or even finding a designer handbag for less at TK Maxx, why not own it and tell the world? 


According to social media analyst Stephen O’Leary from Olytico, Ireland’s leading online and social media analytics company, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube allow Irish people to share their successes and celebrate their achievements like never before. 


“Irish people are known for their self-deprecation, but with the rise of social media, we are increasingly balancing this false modesty by actively updating friends and followers every day with things that we are proud of. We love to share our successes online, and this is reflected in the research, with 53% of those surveyed stating that it’s now more acceptable than it was five years ago, and 65% agreeing that, as a result of social media, Irish people have become more boastful than they used to be.”


Olytico also conducted their own research into the top five phrases used to line up social media bragging:

1.    Delighted to announce
2.    Humbled
3.    #NoFilter
4.    Best concert/gig ever
5.    Best holiday ever


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