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10 Oct 2016 Angela Scanlon Launches TK Maxx ‘Out Of This World’ Campaign As Research Reveals Some Interesting Insights Into How The Irish Shop


As the new season takes off, TV and radio broadcaster Angela Scanlon has teamed up with discount retailer TK Maxx to launch its ‘Out Of This World’ campaign. With a galaxy of ‘out of this world’ quality products across fashion, homeware, beauty and more, discover the incredible value at TK Maxx today and open up your world to the ridiculous possibilities that a visit to store can lead to.


As part of the campaign launch, TK Maxx commissioned research with Irish shoppers to discover how we shop; are we a nation of planful list makers or are we opportunistic with an eye for quality and value? Are we swayed by emerging trends? How important are brands when purchasing? Or is price the deciding factor?


Over half (52%) of those surveyed described themselves as open minded in their approach to shopping, receptive to discovery and relishing the thrill of the find. 


The younger cohort of shoppers are the most open-minded, describing their approach as a little bit random and ridiculous, picking up pieces that may not have been planned for, but they end up loving. At the other end of the spectrum, the more planful, list makers are more likely to be men aged 50 and above. 

And it seems these unplanned purchases not only end up being loved, but open up a world of possibilities with people mentioning new adventures in culinary discovery, fitness, music and outdoor exploration prompted by purchases such as pasta makers, home exercise equipment, wetsuits, tents and glittery dancing shoes!


In terms of our decision making process as we shop, it seems the Irish are not so swayed by latest trends but in fact value being the most important factor in the decision making process with 36% ranking it above all else, with trend at only 10%.


What type of shopper do we aspire to be? Bargain hunters are the most respected shoppers in Ireland with 46%, followed with those who can have an eye for quality at 32% and those with an eye for something out of the ordinary at 22%.


Commenting on the research, Angela said, “It’s good to see that I’m not the only one who is a little bit random and ridiculous in the way I shop. I’ve got the most glorious collection of bits and bobs, pieces I've picked up, things I definitely don't need but wouldn't be without! I prefer shopping without a purpose so my eyes are wide open! I once got a magical blush feathered skirt while I was out looking for a kitchen ladle. The dream."


Visit TK Maxx today and explore a galaxy of offers at outrageous prices that will open a world of Ridiculous Possibilities.



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